MM3 Proxy Switch

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License: From what we can see it’s free to use (See their main website for more info)


About this Add-on

To switch between a direct connection or different proxy configurations you then must no longer respectively execute the dialog Connection Settings newly.With this Proxy Switch you can toggle with one click between the direct connection to the internet and other proxy configurations.

::: Installation :::
After a restart of the Firefox the MM3-ProxySwitch is available.
You still must add the symbol MM3 for the ProxySwitch to the toolbar (Menu Bar or Navigation Toolbar) now.
Click with the right mouse button on the toolbar and select the entry from the popup menu: Custumize …
Drag the symbol MM3-ProxySwitch into the toolbar.

::: Help :::
The MM3-ProxySwitch includes the operation instructions, this is availably additional on the homepage.

Use the forum at or write an e-mail for us at problems.