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softtitledonwloadlinkhomepagecontactlicenceSoftware Title: VPN Watcher
Download Link: http://www.ugdsoft.com/download/vpnwatcher_v2.0.msi
Homepage: http://www.ugdsoft.com
Contact Them: info@ugdsoft.com
License: Freeware version available / Paid version also available too

VPN Watcher is a vpn connection monitoring tool. The program prevents controlled applications from sending any data to network while established VPN connection is down. Add any application executable file to the controlled applications list, and the program will automatically start them, when your VPN connection is established.

When VPN connection is down or disabled – VPN Watcher will automatically suspend or close all controlled applications.
Connection is checked every half-second or less (up to 100ms) depending on current networking conditions.

Use VPN Advisor wizard to find the most suitable VPN server for your real connection conditions. VPN servers database is updated daily and contains data about all servers for most of the VPN providers. To setup a new VPN connection simply use New Connection wizard with easy steps and predefined servers.

VPN Watcher is also able to monitor any local network connection. OpenVPN users should select their TUN/TAP interface in “Connections” section.

Full version of the program suspends controlled applications instead of closing and enables you to run them with command line arguments. This may be useful with many applications like Torrent, Poker, Trader, Remote Desktop, online games etc