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softtitledonwloadlinkhomepagecontactlicenceSoftware Title: happy-vpn.com
Download Link: http://www.happy-vpn.com/vpn-installer.php
Homepage: http://www.happy-vpn.com
Contact Them: support@happyvpn.com
License: No free trial available / Super Expensive read our comments below

Authors Comments:

There website looks quite professional so no doubt they are not a scam company. They do have a trial account
But this only allows you to connect to their own website to test the service out. (how can you test a service on 1 website?)
If for any reason you’re not happy they say they will give you a refund. If this is true or not we don’t know. Talk is cheap as they say.

As for their service since there’s no test account we cannot see if there’s any point in getting a bank loan to pay for their
Premium services, (These people don’t realize their charging as much for their service as you’re already paying for the internet0

Their service is 3 times more expensive than anywhere else, so well done for ripping people off they should give themselves
A Big pat on the back instead of helping to beat censorship their creating it with their insane high prices for people.
Their slogan is Friendliest, of course they are. IF you was ripping someone off month after month wouldn’t you be friendly too?

How they can justify this price and offer zero compared to other companys who offer VPN + SMART DNS as the normal
These people are happy to take your money! Do yourself a favour and make yourself happy instead by going with!

Cactus/IronSocket or one of the other 3,323 company’s offering VPN PLUS a Smart DNS account for 3 times less.
For example pay their insane high prices of $14.99 USD on top of your normal broadband package! for 1 month!

Or get 4 months with any other VPN company including Smart DNS for the same price of just 1 month with these people.
Not meaning to sound rude or nasty but a spade is a spade. You’re already paying for your Internet from your provider.
Why end up paying so much more on top of that cost with these people, when there’s so much better out there 3 times cheaper!