A Guide how to use Advanced GOOGLE.com!

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In the news this week, we now have learned that google have now become the industry’s bitch. I honestly didn’t think google would ruin their giant web status, but it seems they are now controlled by The media industry.

As soon as they tell them to change something, google then does just that. Completely going against it’s own morals.

So what’s happened? What’s changed?

Google announced today that it will roll out a new search update to “visibly” lower the search rankings Of the most notorious pirate sites. The announcement is part of Google’s improved anti-piracy efforts. They also continue to say, ‚ÄúSites with high numbers of removal notices may appear lower in search results.

This ranking change helps users find legitimate, quality sources of content more easily”

Well that’s all great if you live in the land of the USA! Because for everyone else around the world.
The legal alternatives they get pointed too! Is the usual BS “Sorry not available in your country” Pages.

Well here’s how to use google to find contents that’s not restricted and IS available in your country!
Many people use google to find things, but they probably don’t know how to use googles advanced features.

(For example See below)

googleexamplediv bar

This is how 99% of the people would use google to search for something online.
By simply typing it into the search box on the webpage, and clicking Google Search.

Well this will work, but your not going to get the best results since googles now working for the dark side.

You’re no doubt going to find the very top search results now linking to amazon/netflix/hulu etc.
Which is completely useless, if you’re in the UK since none of these legal services are available here!

So instead of searching through 1000’s of search results, trying to find the content you’re looking for.
Simply follow these examples below, each example displayed will bypass this new filter google have deployed.
Allowing you to simply bypass any filters and junk you don’t want to see. And get to the content you do want to see.

div bar

let them eat cake logo
exclude a word logo
search within a site
search simimar logo
search all in text logo
search all in title logo
search all in url logo
search all in location logo
search file type logo
blank wildcard logo
either or logo
google search symbols

Now using the above tips & tricks, bypassing these new filters to find the content you want to see.
Should be easier than ever! Stop letting google or the industry tell you what you should see.
You should not allow these people or anyone else, stop you from searching for the content you want to see!

The industry is trying to force everyone to use legal services which simply don’t exist if your outside the USA!
So if you’re like me! And are sick of being told “Sorry this is not available” then use the tips & tricks above to find your media.
One day, just one day i’m hoping the industry and the media cartel actually wakes up and realizes there’s a world outside the USA!