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Did you know, that instead of users typing in all these hidden commands, when looking for content using google
They actually have their own GUI advanced webpage soley for this purpose? You wouldn’t beleive how many people
I’ve spoken too that didn’t know this feature even existed. Well for those people who don’t keep reading this will help you!

So no more doing the following, in the example below!


Visit https://encrypted.google.com/advanced_search?q= and you will be presented with the following page.
Here you can simply fine tune all your search results, from words, phrases, file type, specific site names etc.
This will surely help you bypass these new google filters put in place to please the entertainment industry.

You now have control back. Instead of being forced to see “Sorry this service is not available in your country”
(What’s the point in a search engine forcing you to look at content at websites you cannot use???)

Well we hope if you didn’t know this existed it’s helped you! If you did know it exists great!
Please inform all your family and friends of it too. The more people knowing how to advanced search the better!

google advanced search content