Grooveshark Unlocker

groveshark unlocker
softtitledonwloadlinkhomepagecontactlicenceSoftware Title: Grooveshark Unlocker
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License: Free to use.


About this Add-on

New: works without proxy! But can still use one if the method without the proxy gets blocked.

Caution: Do not install this add-on if you have set up a proxy in Firefox already
(e.g. in company networks). It will be deactivated when launching Firefox.

When loading Grooveshark, a proxy is used to load the main page. After loading, the proxy is removed
so you have access with full performance. You don’t have to click any button, you can simply visit Grooveshark
like you always would. Other add-ons that use Grooveshark will continue to work.

Grooveshark Unlocker now gets new proxies from the web. The list gets updated every time you visit Grooveshark
or by refreshing the list manually in the settings. If a proxy does not work, the add-on tries to load Grooveshark
through another proxy. Alternatively you may use a proxy of your own.

Works now with Grooveshark Mobile, Retro and Preview, too!