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Contact Them: none (Complete scam company!)
License: No Trial, No Contact, 404 FAQ page!

Authors Comments:

CloakVPN, their website looks like a 5yr old has done it! With some kind of cheap HTML editor.
They offer no trials, no contact details, no mention of if the service doesn’t work you get your money back.
There FAQ pages and other pages with important info leads to sorry 404 page not found.

At the bottom of their website they say the popular VPN company’s have given them decent reviews.
I call complete BS on this. How any website like ours who review/feature could even say 1 good thing about
A company that doesn’t even have their webpages working! Let alone no trial or contact info. Can actually review them?

How can they possibly review them? They have no trial, they have no contact info? I’m sure the popular review websites
Didn’t pay for an account just to test these people out. So it’s either paid BS or the reviewing websites just decided to write anything!

Well take it from me, any company that their own website doesn’t even work when clicking a simple web link
Is certainly not a company i would trust with my privacy or payment details. Please choose any other company but these clowns.