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License: Free to use web proxy (Please don’t use for downloading copyrighted content)

This service is setup so you can bypass you’re ISP Restrictions and access the website.
Am i in-directly helping to commit copyright blah blah.. No i’m not and here is why!

These websites are completely FREE to use for everyone that includes freeware/shareware/open source authors
To finally get their own works advertised to millions of people every hour completely free.

While the piratebay can be used for downloading copyright stuff. It can also be used to promote your contents too.
What better way to get your software/programs/pictures or stories in the public eye than on the piratebay and free too!

And why should just people on certain ISP’s be blocked while people on other ISP’s in the same region
Are still completely able to access this website with their ISP without any form of Proxy/VPN utility?

It is completely stupid!