See how it went, when i asked Virgin Media, to simply re-visit the new EU Streaming Laws.

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The below link, is the link to the thread over at the Virgin Media Forums.
Simply asking them to re-address the blocking of the streaming media websites only.

Take a look at just how many people actually was fighting me. Don’t forget I’m asking them to look into un-blocking un-censoring websites. These people are actually stupid enough to keep fighting me to have their Internet censored and keep the websites blocked.

That’s right! See for yourself just how brainwashed people actually are! That they want to be-able to do less online than more!
And anyone who tries to start a debate hoping to get more customers who’s blocked and censored on board. Actually backfires.

YES people are actually stupid enough in this world, to want to be-able to do less each and every single day online than more! The same people who’s also happy paying for their own broadband, and then paying out yet again on top of this cost, for a VPN connection, to then simply achieve the same results as what you’re originally paying for, when you subscribed to the Internet. It’s complete madness. There is no other words to describe this race of people.