Turn any Domain Name into an IP Address!

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Is your ISP blocking you from visiting certain websites? If so how are they doing it?
Are they blocking you via their DNS or are they blocking you with the actual domain name?

Well here’s something for you to try right now! Did you know that even if a website is blocked by your ISP
Or the domain name has been taken over, you can in fact still visit the actual website on the hosting provider?

When a webmaster sets up their own website it’s normally with a 3rd party hosting provider.
Either the hosting package comes with a domain name included free, or it’s just a hosting package where you
Then need to buy a domain name separate and then link/attach that domain name to the hosting package.

So lets say you bought a hosting package without a domain name from justhost.com (my hosting provider)
You would be given x amount of space on their company’s servers, where you then upload your own web contents.

To access your webhosting space’s HTML/PHP index page from the Internet. You do this by normally typing in
www.somewebsite.com if the domain name is linked to the web hosting site, then your HTML/PHP index page would load.

But what if you don’t have a domain name yet? Well you will be provided with an actual IP Address to your web space.
If you typed this into the address bar of your web browser. You would then see your website’s HTML/PHP Index pages.

(Here’s an example of our own website below)

In the example above, see how we’ve replaced the domain name www.isprevolution.net with
You will notice our webpage still loads just fine, no different than normal, just as if we had typed the domain name in.

NOTE: IF you actually try this example on our website, you will not see our website, we have since disabled this feature.
As it was only to be used as an example. Now you will see our hosting providers landing page (This was to stop abuse)

But 99% of all other websites will not have disabled this feature. As most of their domain names wouldn’t of come as a package deal. Meaning they would have bought their domain name completely separate, and just linked their domain name to their web hosting provider.

So moving on… You can use this simple trick now to bypass ISP censorship depending how they’ve blocked you.

If they’ve blocked the actual domain name only. Then you will still be-able to access the website via their web hosting IP Address.
If they’ve blocked you by their own DNS. Then you will again still be-able to access the website via this method.
But if they’ve blocked the website via the IP Address. Then you will not be-able to use this method.

So what should i do now?

Well start going around all your favourite websites now! Simply making note of each websites IP Address.
Once you’ve got all the IP Addresses marked down and saved on say notepad. You’re now 1 step ahead of your ISP.

IF in the future you find the website has become blocked/censored. Then you already have that websites IP Address.
So depending how they’ve blocked/censored you from accessing it. Try this method out. If it works Great!

So how do i actually find each of my favourite websites IP Addresses?

Simply use a website like https://www.site24x7.com. You just visit their website, type a domain name into their search box.
And hit convert. It will then convert the domain name address you entered into that domain/hosting sites IP Address.

If you don’t want to use Site24x7. Then simply just use your favourite search engine, and type in “Covert Website to IP Address” There’s 100’s of website services that are completely free to use, to do this simple task.

Good luck!