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License: NO file sharing programs are permitted on any of our servers (pointless service then eh?

Accounts are carefully created and authenticated so there may be some delays (no more than 12 hours).
So there’s a 12 hr delay well that’s great isn’t it!

Accounts are created manually after detailed fraud checks.
Well this doesn’t say much for keeping you PRIVATE info secure and safe lol

NO file sharing programs are permitted on any of our servers. Such an incident will lead to immediate cancellation of our service.
Well this makes complete sense, you get a VPN to be-able to use the Internet as you please. And their first rule is no p2p.
So you need to ask yourself. Why is this company charging 4 times as much as anywhere else? For nothing more than a proxy?

Do yourself a favour, and use anyone else but LibertyVPN. Use any of the 10000’s of free proxy websites that’s available.
Because all these people are doing, is charging super high prices. For basically browsing the Internet.

In fact they are charging more for this service, than it’s costing you for actually subscribing to your own ISP.
They couldn’t be any more cowboys, if they road off into the sunset on horse back!