Our own personal review of My IP HIDE!

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Download Link: http://myiphide.com/download
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License: 3 Days Free Trial / Paid Accounts @ $8.52 a month!

A little story first why we decided to contact this company, to get them involved in our promo scheme.
Normally i personally keep clear of any kind of Windows Proxy Software. And for good reason too.

There’s so many clones, of the same software under different company names.
They all have the same features, looks, interface, designs, and very similar names to each other.

When i seen this application, funny enough the GUI Image, was on a pirate download website.
(I did a search in google for Proxy Windows Software) and somehow the first result was a pirate site.
It was fake, but i at least i knew the program itself was real. Even if the download wasn’t.

So quickly moved away from this website. A day or two went by, and i started thinking what’s the name
Of that software, it had a really cool looking GUI. We have our own proxy updater software, and we was
Going to design our software from their GUI. So the interface was on my mind for over a week now.

I didn’t know the name of this company, all i knew was it sounded like them 20 other cloned websites.
Masktheip, Guardtheip, hidetheip, masksurftheip, you get the idea.. there’s over 20 of these things.

So out come the bookmarks, i searched all day, in my history, about 3hrs later i found it!
So i decided to contact the owner and see if we could indeed test this software out.

So onto the Review now you know why, we actually picked this software for our promo.

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While the interface looks cool, the program itself is not all i thought it was going to be. I was quite disappointed.

I’m used to using software that has lots of features. This program however is just a simple proxy tool nothing more.

It doesn’t make any other programs secure, it’ doesn’t use TCP/UDP secure tunneling, it doesn’t even have a feature, where you can choose optional extra’s to protect different processes you’re currently running like utorrent, veuze etc.

Next after seeing it doesn’t really do much, except mask the IP address via your web-browser, we get into the price.

This program looks good, it does what it says it does
(most of the time) but considering it’s only a glorified proxy.

The price is completely out of touch with reality. It really lets it down.
ALL other proxy software is a yearly license for about $30 USD.

Even 30USD a year is quite expensive as a 1 off payment, as you don’t know if this company is going to go bust or not in the time period. So it is a very big risk to take.

Now they do have a monthly subscription price. But again it’s a proxy nothing more. It should never have a subscription cost monthly. It’ should be per year, at a very affordable price. Considering there’s so much competition out there.

Having said all this. There is something i quite like about this program. So lets get onto the positives shall we.
First there’s no issues with the installer. As soon as you’ve installed the program. it’s up and running.
It will however ask you to enter a user/product key on the first install. If you don’t have one then it will
Run in it’s trial mode.

So lets dig deeper inside what actually makes this software, good enough to purchase.

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Well to begin with (I’ve tested this to be true) this service works with overseas services like hulu. Yes most of the IP Addresses in the program hulu’s blocked. But there’s still a few working ones. (We will mask out all the IP Addressees. As we don’t want hulu/netflix etc seeing these new IP’s and blocking them)

So that’s a plus! it’s very rare, these Proxy Software’s that just mask the users IP Address, through the browser. Actually works with hulu/netflix. Without actually having to be connected to a proper VPN service. This is quite exciting news! This means hulu/netflix does allow simple proxies. And doesn’t just block Proxy Tech. In other words, you don’t actually need a VPN it seems. To watch these services. This software will allow you access.

So speed? Buffering? Well most VPN services are un-limited bandwidth, we are not sure if the same applies here. You would need to ask the the company first before buying a subscription. I think there’s no actual limits though. Speed in our testing was really good, on 1 of the USA IP Addresses, we only had 3 accounts of buffering. On a 57 min TV show. (This was also at peek times too) so it could of also been our own ISP bottlenecking.

Most people don’t know this, or probably don’t even try these things out. But this program also helps to avoid stupid waiting time restrictions on cyberlockers, 99% of company’s don’t use this as a selling point. And they should. All you need to do, to bypass any waiting times is simply swap IP Address. So the waiting time between downloads, now goes from 120 mins to 0. (Again check with the company about major bandwidth consumption firstly,)

We tested 20 of the most popular cyberlockers, and found this program works with them all. This now makes up for the insane monthly price! So up to now this program is good for overseas TV networks, and online cyberlockers.

So what about the program / features themselves?

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Well you can start the program with the system. Which is great if you are like most people, and forget to manually start up the program. This feature is great. As soon as windows comes on, your IP Address is then automatically masked. Using the last current IP Address you selected before the shut down.

The program can also work on IPhones, Android, And with consoles like the PS3. The program gives direct links to help you setup other devices. which is pretty cool to have built into the program. The Account Tab is simply where you would enter your Username/Password for the subscription.

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Now the Misc tab in the program has some cool features, you can choose how the program responds to different situations. Most programs don’t give the user the option to actually change how the program responds for them. Well this program does actually have this option.

You can choose to hide/edit the application when you click the close button. This quite handy indeed if you don’t want to close the program completely but you do want to get shut of the GUI for a bit. The same applies when dealing what happens when you click the icon in your system tray. You can enable the program to mask your IP or simply set it so, double clicking will simply show the GUI or hide it.

Next little feature which deserves some praise. You can buy 1 account and use it for ALL your other devices in the network. Without installing any other software. This is something many other Proxy Software, even VPN services don’t offer the user.

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So what else does this sweet program have to offer? Well it’s got so many IP Addresses you can choose from. Simply choose an ip address on the list and click OK. The program will instantly show you that the new IP Address & Location has been activated within the main GUI (As below)

See the TEST button on the top image? Clicking this will open a website in your current browser. This website will tell you if your real IP Address is actually being masked by this program or not. This feature is something that should be included into all proxy / vpn software.

A lot of programs on the first install will make you think it’s working. But unless your smart enough to know how to check. Then you might actually find these programs are not working correctly even if they say they are. Thus your REAL IP ADDRESS is actually not hidden at all.

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There must be something you don’t like about this program then? other than the price is completely un-realistic? Well yes there is 1 other issue and it’s the biggest security risk with all types of Proxy Software, not just my ip hide. And that’s the fact sometimes it says its working, and really it’s doing nothing!

So Please NOTE! Even if the program DOES say your masked. Double check this first. We have found that sometimes when you first install these programs. It will tell you it’s connected to a NEW IP ADDRESS & Even the new Location to that IP Address will be shown. But when we’ve checked it’s not exactly masked anything! It just told us it did. This can lead users into a complete false sense of security. So here’s what you need to do.

On the first install of this program OR any proxy Software, you need to check 2 things out first. This is VERY Important! First if you’re using firefox as your main web browser. Click Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Settings.

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Make sure the following items are ticked, Use system proxy Settings. If anything else is ticked. Or if there’s a tick in automatic proxy configuration URL: and something is wrote into that box. Then this program will NOT work. It will tell you it’s working 100% correctly. But because the browser is setup in-correctly your IP Address will not be masked. Remember this program does NOT mask Services, TCP/UDP or processes like most other programs do.

And before you swap to any new IP Address within the program, always make sure you click on “Test” to see if it’s working.
The author knows this is a problem, so they’ve included this “Test” button, so you can make sure you are correctly masked.

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That’s it! There’s nothing more to write about. If your looking for a program that simply is a proxy and not a VPN service.
Then this software is great. If your looking to use P2P/Torrents with this program, don’t bother it’s for HTTP connections only.

Theres unlimited switching of different IP Addresses, and when the program is actually working correctly. As soon as you swap the IP Address in the massive range they’ve supplied to you. It will indeed instantly do what it says on the TIN. Swap your IP Address for another location.

So last thing we have to say. This program has some good features, it lacks a lot of features as well.. And the price is just wrong. But other than the price and the lack of features, if we had to choose a program that was simply a proxy we would pick this one