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User Limits/Price: 500mb download free / Premium @ $9.95 USD A Month

What is Megashares?
Megashares mission is to provide a cloud, file hosting service to our customers. We offer free, limited storage that users can leverage to share data with customers, colleagues, friends, and family avoiding the hassles involving email attachments. We also offer premium services providing organization tools, unlimited storage, and no download restrictions.

How do I use Megashares?
We offer a Java-based web application for uploading entire folders all at once, upload resuming, downloading from your ftp for backup or mirroring and more! Megashares is a one-stop file hosting service for you, your friends, and colleagues. We now also offer a Desktop Application for our premium users.

What can I upload and host on Megashares?
MegaShares will host virtually any file type you need to host, whether it is your band’s mp3s or important business documents. Our unique business model allows us to maintain a FREE service while delivering users high speed downloads and reliable file hosting.

Can I upload my entire hard drive or website for backup?
Our new Desktop Application can be used for backing up contents of your hard drive. We are exploring other services that may include website and server backups.

Is Megashares free?
Yes, MegaShares “Passport” service is completely free. In addition we have a paid premium subscription service. There is also a free “My MegaShares” file manager service for maintaining your files.

Is there a limit on the number of times my file can be downloaded?

What is the maximum file size allowed?
Our single file size limit is 10GB when using our Custom Java Uploader, or the standard web uploading max filesize is 1.5GB.

What is the MegaShares custom uploader?
MegaShares custom uploader is a java plugin that runs in your browser providing you the flexibility you need to upload any type of file and any number of files. You can copy/paste files into the applet and even drag entire folders to it!

Do I have to buy a Lipremium account to download, or upload large files?
No. While a premium membership provides you with many great benefits over our free service, you still get access to all public links, and upload up to 10GB files.

I’m a free user, why does my download stop and require me to reactivate my passport even when I have a large amount left available to download?
You are required to reactivate your passport when you use up your allotment. That means even if your passport renews and has 250MB available, you can not use it until you reactivate it. In addition, as we analyze performance and monitor the health of our systems, we may need to set your passport to require reactivation.

Do you support download managers with your free service?
Yes. MegaShares supports almost all download managers. If you are using one that you believe is not working, please contact our support (please allow up to 3-5 business days for a response). Also note that free users are restricted to 1 download stream and 1 download link at a time.

How long will my files remain on MegaShares?
If you are a free users, your file will remain available through your unique download link as long as there is 1 unique download in 90 days which then restarts the 90-day counter. If you are a premium user, your files will remain for as long as your account remains premium.

How do I share the file I just uploaded?
A link will appear in the center of the page after you successfully upload your file, you can use this link to easily share with whomever you want! Just simply copy & paste in a e-mail, forum post, or instant messenger conversation. You will also receive an email if you provided it as an option.

How do I delete a file I have uploaded to MegaShares?
Always keep your delete link given to you after a file is uploaded in a safe place. This link allows you to delete your file at any time. If you are a registered user (free or premium) you can manage files from your ‘my megashares’ account.

Why does it take so long to upload some files but not others?
Some home internet connections have slow upload speeds, this is not the fault of MegaShares, large files can take long amounts of time to upload. If you are uploading an especially large file (20MB and up) you should use the MegaShares Custom Java Uploader to ensure your file gets uploaded successfully.

Is my file confidential and private?
Absolutely, MegaShares does not distribute any user information associated with files, uploads are completely anonymous and no one can see files uploaded by users unless you send them your unique file link or check the “make my file searchable” checkbox.

What is MegaShares Search?
MegaShares provides users the ability to search their own links, as well as links that other MegaShares users elect to be included in the search results. Link owners have the option to provide a password for their link so their link cannot be accessed. Users can opt to not use the “make my file searchable” option to disallow their file to show up in results through the search page.