PDF Download

Software Title: PDF Download
Download Link: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/downloads/latest/636/addon-636-latest.xpi
Homepage: http://www.pdfdownload.org
Contact Them: support@pdfdownload.org
License: Free to use, See their website for more info


About this Add-on

PDF Download by Nitro PDF Software is the leading tool for handling, viewing and creating Web-based PDF files and is enjoyed by millions of Firefox users every day. The browser extension removes the pain you can experience when you encounter PDF files online, reducing browser crashes, speeding up the display of a PDF’s content, and letting you convert any (unsecured) Web page into a high-quality PDF that’s great for archiving, printing and sharing.

* View PDF online (NEW). Convert PDF to an image and display it in the browser for quick viewing.
* Convert Web pages to PDF. Convert any (unsecured) Web pages to great looking PDF files, and then save, share, print or archive them.
* View PDF as HTML. View the contents of PDF files faster and eliminate browser problems by instantly converting any Web-based PDF to a browser-friendly HTML Web page.
* Control PDF files in Firefox. Stop crashes and get the upper hand on Web-based PDF files by automating and controlling how your Firefox or Flock browsers deal with them.
* Works in your language. Through the help of our users, PDF Download is now available in 19 languages and counting.

PDF Download includes the ‘SmartLinks’ functionality. SmartLinks helps you discover new things by automatically inserting relevant links to interesting, high-quality content. To enable this feature, accept the SmartLinks Terms of Service when installing PDF Download. You can later disable or remove SmartLinks from the Firefox Tools menu. Learn more about SmartLinks at http://pdf-download.getsmartlinks.com/, or see frequently asked questions at http://url-fixer.getsmartlinks.com/faq.