Just Beam IT!

softtitledonwloadlinkhomepagecontactlicenceSoftware Title: Just Beam IT!
Download Link: none
Homepage: http://www.justbeamit.com
Contact Them: team@justbeamit.com
User Limits/Price: Free Service to use (Website only)

JustBeamIt is a basic online file sharing service. New users can visit the JustBeamIt homepage to access the file uploader. The service uses a simple drag and drop interface that lets users move files directly from their desktop to the uploader. The user can “beam” the file up when they are ready to begin uploading. JustBeamIt supplies a link that the user can share with others.

The user is advised to keep their browser open to observe the status of the download. The application displays an upload progress status that switches to “waiting for recipient” once the file has been uploaded. The link appears above and can be copied and pasted easily. When a third party accessing the link and downloads the file.

JustBeamIt displays another status that shows the user the percentage downloaded. Once the file has been completed downloaded the status changes to “transfer completed!”