Our Own Personal Review of UnoTelly Smart DNS!

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License: Free 8 Day Trial No Credit Card needed! / Premium @ $4.95 USD a month!

Authors Comments:

This review is going to be long, and very in depth. If you’re looking for something quick to read.
Then this isn’t for you. So here’s the nutshell version, for anyone who wants to know if this service is any good.

UnoTelly, and their Smart DNS service, is actually one of the best services you will find online!.
I’ve been with them now for many years. And never had any problem with using their services.
Their support is second to none. Helpful friendly, and everything is managed via your account’s CPanel.

Their prices are set so low that you feel you’re actually getting their services for free! Quality of their Smart DNS services and support just cannot be beaten! If you don’t have time to read our personal review of this service. Then rest assured they are the very best! If you’re looking for a great service to watch USA / Canada TV Services, like Netflix US/HULU Plus/Pandora etc. Or want to access any blocked websites in the UK, Europe. Then UnoTelly, is something you should be using daily.

Below is just a small sample out of the 121 services you could use UnoTelly Smart DNS with.


This review is for UnoDNS, UnoDNS Dynamo. Their VPN service they also offer customers will be done in a separate review some time soon. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m using CactusVPN for all my actual VPN needs, and UnoDNS for all my TV needs. (I’ve never tried their vpn as they don’t have their own “1 click” software on windows to setup any connections.)

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Just to point out this review will just be for people who’s using Windows OS only. Since we don’t use a Mac or linux.
(For more information about all the different OS’s / Devices they support (As shown below) then please click here.


unoset4 unoset2unoset3

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We moved our family from the USA, to the UK, due to a death in the family. Since we are now stuck in this god awful country. We needed someway to bring our American culture with us. UnoTelly/SmartDNS, is by far the quickest and simplest way to continue watching all our favourite US TV Shows.

UK TV is complete trash. It’s nothing only boring cooking shows and talking shows. The people who live here actually need to pay a yearly license to watch this complete rubbish! (I feel sooo sorry for all the people who live in this police state they call England.)

Our children are used to watching all their US shows. And as you know by now, people who’s living in the UK, cannot watch overseas TV services. Even if their paying for them. For example, HULU, HULU Plus, Netflix, Pandora or any of the free to air US Network Stations.

First thing I needed to do, was setup a VPN connection back to our homeland. While looking for these kind of services.  I came across UnoTelly’s Smart DNS Systems. This service was perfect and exactly what I was looking for. My family can now get back to watching their homeland TV shows.

This overall review will be broken down into different sections. It’s much easier this way to stay on track, since our reviews sometimes get quite long.

– Their company website.

From one day to the next you will never see the same website design. They constantly keep changing the layouts, I’m not sure why they keep doing this? Maybe it’s to keep the website looking new and fresh? Or maybe, its because they’ve done some opinion polls asking for feedback on different layouts.

Could this be considered a bad thing? Well two ways of looking at this, the first way they want to keep up with current web technology. At the moment it seems all websites are using a responsive styled design, so by keeping up with the Jones so to speak. It makes sense why they would keep changing layouts every few months.

The other side of the coin, say you visit a website you really like. But forget to bookmark that website for later viewing, you have to then rely on what stood out to begin with, so you could look back through your browsers web history. For example, if a website had a green background with red writing you would have this general layout in memory so you could go back and find the website again. But, if that website changes it’s layout, themes, colours or anything else. You’re not going to be-able to find that website again, since it’s completely changed from it’s previous design.

10/10 – For their Guides / Devices Supported Page.

The first thing anyone is going to look for when visiting a VPN or Smart DNS Company is their guides. These guides, will tell you instantly if their services are going to work with the many devices you may own. Let me tell you right now their devices/guides page is simply amazing!

(Here’s a small sample screen shot from their devices page, where they list 100’s of various devices that work with their services)


In the example above, if you was to click icons relating to different devices, it would open a new page that explains everything, all done in easy step by step instructions. (The amount of work gone into creating a guide, for the 100’s of different devices is really impressive!)

If you are wondering do they have guides listed for one of your own devices? They have a search feature built into their page. Again, the thought that’s gone into creating these sections is outstanding! It’s one of the main reasons we use this service for our own needs.

So you’ve found a device you would like to use? No problem! On their startup page they allow you easy access to Sign-Up for a trial account! Again something else other companies don’t allow. So not only do you have the chance to try out the services completely free of charge, but the prices if you do decide to use their service is so low that you feel your actually getting them for free!

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Subscribing to one of their service packages.

This what I feel sets this company apart from the rest. When you try to subscribe to one of their service packages unlike other company’s that force you to instantly enter credit card details or paypal information, while also hiding the fact they have trial accounts available first. UnoTelly is quite the opposite.

No matter how you try to subscribe to pay for a package, you have no option, but to first test out their services for 8 days completely free! As without a trial account you cannot subscribe instantly to their services. I’ve never come across any other company doing this it’s completely amazing!

Once you’ve signed up for a trial account If you then wish to proceed subscribing to their services. It’s as simple as clicking a few buttons. Again, it will only let you continue if you already have an account setup with them.

Here’s the whole process simulated for you.

When you first sign up to their services, you will get an e-mail with a link asking you to confirm your account with them. Once you’ve activated your account. You will instantly receive your welcome e-mail which looks this.

welcome - picture 1
(In this e-mail they provide you 3 steps to help get you started. Some Information about their Dynamo services. They also explain how to control UnoTelly with your android phone. And finally, how to find the fasted local connection using their global map feature.)


When you’ve logged into your account, you can then proceed to subscribe to either of their packages above. You will be presented with a shopping cart, from here you can tweak how long you want each package for. Once you’ve decided that your almost done! If you have a special coupon code, you can enter it while in the checkout area. If the code is accepted. You will notice that the package details have instantly updated at the top of the checkout screen.

Now you’re only 2 steps from being completely done! Their payment gateways include: Vista/Delta/Mastercard or PayPal. If you select Visa/Mastercard you will have to fill in all your personal details. However, if you choose PayPal, it will then take you to the paypal website where you can login and make the payment quickly.

Depending on the package. UnoTelly, will then send 3 separate mails, to your e-mail address. The contents of the e-mails include:

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Order Confirmation.


[Setup Instruction] Welcome to UnoVPN.

Thank you for signing up for UnoVPN. Please follow the links below for instructions on setting up UnoVPN on your devices.

UnoVPN on your Windows

UnoVPN on your Mac

UnoVPN on your iOS Device

UnoVPN on your Android Device

VPN Login Info: User xxx Pass xxx


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Sales & Support.

With an account, if you have problems, or need help with something, you have the option of using a proper support ticket system. Or using their live chat feature. (Some company’s don’t even have a support ticket system!) Without an account, you can fill out a contract form, or again use their live chat system.

Having a live support staff to help you instantly is a deal breaker. They have this licked! Their support staff are very helpful when it comes to problem solving. If they cannot solve your problem, it then gets passed onto someone else. At some point the issue you had will be fixed! They are that good!

I’ve seen other companies that don’t have live support. In-fact they don’t even have a support ticket system in place! For this reason, If I had to choose I would always pick a company with live support over a company that doesn’t have this feature on their company’s website.

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UnoDNS Website. (Admin Control Panel)

This is one of the most amazing AdminCP’s I’ve come across. When you first login to your account on their website. You will get the following error message in a light-box popup window. This tells you, that your smart DNS setup is not activated yet.


Clicking on Restart Wizard will bring you back to the default adminCP page. Here you have the chance to do all kinds of great stuff! For example, clicking on devices will show you the devices page incase you wanted to setup any other devices you may own. Channels show’s you a complete listing of all the TV Services you can watch. (There’s just to many things to list here on this page!)


– | UnoHelper (Windows Application!)


See this small program on the left? If you’re planing on using UnoDNS on Windows. Then there’s no choice on which service provider I would choose out of the 100’s of Smart DNS companies out there.

Their 1 click application, is just so simple to use! Login with your account’s username and password click a drop down menu select a server location when ready click OK and done!

As long as the program is running 24/7 in your system tray it will monitor your IP Address. So if your on a dynamic IP address system from your ISP. It will update their systems automatically without you having to login at the unotelly website. Thus constantly going into your account settings, to keep clicking on “Update IP Address.” (If uno doesn’t recognise new IP Addresses, access to it’s DNS IP systems, will be denied.) This is why they’ve created this 1 click application. To take away the hassle of constantly having to do this daily.

With almost all other companies they make you manually go through 15 steps to be-able to change or setup a VPN, account. Can you imagine your grandma following these mandatory setup instructions below? Without a PHD in Computer Science!

Start > Control Panel > Network & Internet > Settings > Network and Sharing Center > Change Adapter Settings > Selecting the Network your connected too, Then right clicking > Select Properties > Select in the list Internet Protocol Version v4 > Properties > then manually entering xxx.xxx.xx.xx in two or more boxes. Then finally clicking save?… Phew…

Thanks to UnoHelper… a couple of clicks a drop down selection and your done!
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Here’s where we jump from the year 2015, – to somewhere in the year 2050!

They have a unique un-seen before technology system setup called UnoDNS Dynamo. Instead of me trying to explain this in my own words I’ve taken this content below, from their own webpage as it will hopefully make more sense the way they’ve worded this.

What is UnoDNS Dynamo?

UnoDNS Dynamo is an intelligent DNS technology developed by the UnoTelly Team to let you choose channels from different countries. Unlike normal DNS or proxy services that limit you to the U.S or U.K, UnoDNS Dynamo allows you to access services such as Netflix from Brazil, UK, Finland, Mexico, USA, etc. with the press of a button!

What you can do with UnoDNS Dynamo:

UnoDNS Dynamo can be used to switch between different Netflix regions for a better selection of titles:

Enable select streaming services by choosing your preferred countries to stream from to get the most of your experience. Example: You can switch between Zattoo Switzerland and Zattoo Germany.

Switch between regions to access multiple channels available from different countries on the same device. Example: If you live in Canada, you can enable U.K-based Lovefilm channel while enjoying U.S. Netflix because both channels are supported by our UnoDNS Dynamo Servers.

Choose a Dynamo server for one device and a non-Dynamo server on the other device in the same network to stream from different regions simultaneously.

Example: You are living in Canada and want to watch U.K Netflix on your iPad.Your partner prefers to watch U.S Netflix on another device at the same time. Simply set your iPad to Dynamo DNS, select ‘U.K’ as your Netflix country of choice. Set your partner’s device to our regular UnoDNS server fixed to ‘U.S’ Netflix. Voila! Now you both can access different regions of Netflix without interference.

Words does not do this feature any justice. You need to grab an account with unotelly, and see this in action for yourself. After all their trial account is free. So what have you got to lose?

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Using their services.

Let’s not make this longer than it needs to be. This link below lists all their channels you can access using UnoDNS. This service works period! It does exactly what it says on the tin. It lets you watch all the content in the link below without running into “Sorry, this content is not available in your region.”


To finish this review off. Their DNS system is fantastic! If you want to watch US TV from any other country, or watch US TV while also watching Canada TV on the same device. Then UnoDNS is the service you need! No other DNS service on the Internet offers anything like “Dynamo” And for the cost well it’s a no brainier as Kevin Bacon, would say.