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Download Link: https://www.grc.com/xpdite/xpdite.htm
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What is going on?
Ever since its original release, Windows XP has contained a critical flaw that could be trivially exploited at any time by any malicious hacker. By causing any Windows XP system to process a specially-formed URL (web-style link), the XP system would obediently delete all or most of the files within any specified directory. (That’s not good.)

This flaw is considered critical because these malicious URLs could be delivered to any XP user through any means: via an eMail solicitation, a chat room, a newsgroup posting, a malicious web page, or even processed automatically without the user clicking anything by merely visiting a malicious web page. (That’s bad.)

Microsoft was informed of this easily-demonstrated, quite significant, and easily fixed Windows XP defect back in June of 2002. But they chose not to proactively address the significant vulnerability created for their users until the September 9th, 2002, release of Windows XP’s first service pack.

Since Windows XP Service Pack 1 repairs many more security, stability, and compatibility problems than just this critical exploit, XPdite should not be considered a replacement for the installation of the whole Service Pack 1. However, reports are that XPdite is much safer to use than Service Pack 1 (see Service Pack 1 caution below) so it may be wise to approach the installation of Service Pack 1 with some caution.

Since the immediate installation of the huge Service Pack 1 may not be feasible for all Windows XP users, or because its installation may cause serious side-effects, and since this vulnerability is so trivially exploited and creates a significant risk to all Windows XP users, I wrote this tiny, quickly and easily downloaded vulnerability patch utility which can be used to instantly patch and secure any Windows XP system against this vulnerability.


Using XPdite

XPdite only needs to be run once on any Windows XP system. The system will subsequently be protected from this vulnerability.

Simply download and run the 30 kbyte XPdite utility. That’s all there is to it. As you can see in the screen-shots above, XPdite will display the current condition of your system and, if necessary, provide the option of updating one crucial file to instantly eliminate future danger. You may then either keep XPdite around for periodic (but probably unnecessary) check-ups, or to provide to your friends and associates.

Whatever you do, PLEASE pass the word to everyone you know who is also using Windows XP. We have no reports yet of any actual exploitation of this critical defect, but now that news of this vulnerability is widespread, the entire security industry will be surprised if such reports do not begin surfacing shortly.