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User Limits/Price: Not open source, closed source APK

bigU Movies is the best Netflix and Redbox alternative with much newer movies. bigU Movies has the newest movies and you get to watch them without having to pay the monthly subscription and rental fees that Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, iTunes and Redbox makes you pay.

Download or stream thousands of high quality hd movies instantly at your fingertips! New movie content is added daily so you’ll never run out of movies to watch. This application has a user friendly interface with many capabilities, which allows you to find your favorite movies fast and easy. This app will allow you to display the movies on your TV with the new built-in TV-OUT feature without the hassle! You may also rename the movies, sync all the downloaded movies to your computer to save on storage, and replay the movies all through the My Movies tab.

Through this app you also have the ability to even share the movies with another iOS device or user on the same WiFi network!