Popcorn Time for iOS – iPad, iPhone and iPod apps


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Popcorn Time for iOS – iPad, iPhone and iPod apps

Popcorn Time for iOS are apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod but you won’t find it in App Store. In order to install it on your device you’re forced to resort to alternative methods.

 Popcorn Time is a controversial program that although not illegal by definition is so in practice since virtually all movies and TV-shows found in the menus are protected by copyrights. For that simple reason you’re not going to find a Popcorn Time app in App Store and you probably never will. However, this doesn’t mean that users of portable Apple products (iPad, iPhone and also iPod Touch) can’t get a Popcorn Time app on their unit, they just need to jump through a few hoops first.

There are two ways of getting Popcorn Time on your iOS unit: The easy and recommended method using iOS Installer and the not so easy method of using Cydia which means jailbreaking the device.

Install Popcorn Time iPad or iPhone app with iOS Installer

This is the easiest, least intrusive and thus the recommended method of installing Popcorn Time apps on iPhone or iPad. If it for some reason doesn’t work you can try the jailbreak-method as described below.

The first step is to make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed and the appropriate cable to connect iPad/iPhone and PC. The next step is to download and install iOS Installer which can be found here. The last step is to run iOS Installer and simply follow the instructions. The process is very easy and can successfully be completed by everybody.

Install Popcorn Time for iOS on iPad or iPhone with iOS Installer or Cydia

Install Popcorn Time for iOS on iPad or iPhone with iOS Installer or Cydia

The method installs the Popcorn Time iOS app from time4popcorn and is available for Windows PC and Mac OS X.

Go to iOS Installer

Install Popcorn Time with Cydia

This method involves jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad. Most are very reluctant in doing so out of fear of losing the warranty but if you do decide to jailbreak your unit and want to make use of your warranty afterwards, it’s as simple as restoring the iPhone or iPad in iTunes and everything is back to normal – Even in the prying eyes of an Apple technician.

Jailbreaking your unit won’t change it in a major way, it just adds a few but major functions one of them being the ability to install apps that can’t be found in the App Store.

How you jailbreak your unit depends on the version of iOS that’s installed on it. The latest version is iOS 8 so the following guide will be for units with iOS 8 installed.

If you have an older version of iOS installed you can follow one of the guides found here.

If you’ve already jailbroken your device, you can skip to the bottom of this article and go straight to the installation of the iOS Popcorn Time app.

Jailbreaking guide for iOS 8 – iOS 8.1

This guide requires the following items: An iOS unit (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch), a PC (Windows or OSX (Mac)) and a USB cable for your unit. Don’t connect unit and PC yet.

Supported iOS units

  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4s
  • iPad (2, 3, 4, Air, Air 2, mini 1, mini 2, mini 3)
  • iPod touch 5

Jailbreak with Pangu

  1. Before starting the jailbreaking process you need to disable passcode lock (if it’s enabled). This is done in settings -> general.
  2. You also need to turn off “Find my iPhone”, this is done in settings -> iCloud. You can re-enable both passcode lock and Find My iPhone once the unit has been jailbroken.
  3. Enable Airplane Mode (Swipe up to open the control panel).
  4. If you’re unit has been automatically updated to iOS (OTA update) you need to restore it with iTunes. Apple has a guide for doing just that.
  5. Back up your data in case anything goes wrong. This is done in settings -> iCloud.
  6. Start iTunes and leave it running in the background for the remaining steps.
    • You need iTunes 12.0.1 or newer, get the latest version here.
  7. Download Pangu here and install it on your PC.
    • Pangu is the software that jailbreaks your unit. It doesn’t contain virus, malware, spyware or anything similar.
  8. Start Pangu
    • Windows: Right click the Pangu icon and choose “Run as administrator”
  9. Once Pangu is up and running; connect your iOS unit to the PC with the USB cable.
  10. Press the big “Start Jailbreak” button and then “Already did”. This starts the actual jailbreaking.
    • Your unit will reboot a few times during this process so please remain patient and don’t panic, it’s completely normal. Once it’s all over Pangu will give the message “Jailbreak succeded”.
  11. Your iOS unit has now been jailbroken and you can continue to the installation of the Popcorn Time app.

Installing the iOS Popcorn Time app on your iPhone or iPad

In cydia, enter the URL for the time4popcorn repo to install the iOS Popcorn Time app: http://cydia.popcorn-time.se

In cydia, enter the URL for the time4popcorn repo to install the iOS Popcorn Time app: http://cydia.popcorn-time.se

Now that your unit is jailbroken (or if it already was) you need to use “Cydia” to install the Popcorn Time app. Cydia is like App Store but for jailbroken devices and was installed automatically with the Pangu jailbreak. If for some reason you can’t find Cydia on you iPhone or iPad, simply repeat the jailbreaking process as described above.

  1. Add the Popcorn Time repo in Cydia using this guide. The URL for time4popcorn is http://cydia.popcorn-time.se.
  2. In Cydia, go to sources and find the time4popcorn repo in the list. From here you can (finally) install the iOS Popcorn Time app.
  3. Enjoy!

Alternatively you can try out Movie Box  instead that depending on the version can be installed to iOS units with or without jailbreak (doesn’t always work without). Another jailbreak-free option is PlayBox that unfortunately is reported to be quite unstable for some.

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