Torrents Time v2.0

Torrents time streaming plugin
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Torrents Time V2.0

Torrents Time V2.0 has been developed by the fork of Popcorn Time CE and the biggest difference between the two is that V2.0 works on ANY torrent site. With Torrents Time V2.0 installed, you can go to your favorite torrent site and watch anything you want directly from the browser simply by clicking the torrent or magnet link. Another major advantage to V2.0 over V1.0 is that it’s open source, so you can be sure the developers haven’t slipped mal- or adware in to the installer.

Like V2.0 also supports subtitles and casting to TVs with Chromecast, Apple TV or DLNA. Furthermore, it also comes with a built-in virus scanner and can play the videos with VLC.
Torrents Time V2.0 website


Turn your browser in to a fully functional torrent streaming client with Torrents Time.