Crackle (Legal Streaming)

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Type of Media: Free Streaming TV/Movies
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Free Service: Free legal Streaming for people who live in the USA!

Crackle if a free streaming service that offers a large library of video-on-demand movies. While Crackle is available in around 21 different regions, American Crackle, which is geoblocked outside USA, is by far the best due to the large amount of movies and TV shows available to stream. Crackle UK ceased to exist in 2014 after Sony decided to close the online channel.

UK residents can unblock and watch American Crackle outside US using VPN or Smart DNS on iPad, iPhone, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, PS3, PS4, Xbox, or Smart TV.

Once again another service that exists only for the people who live in the USA. More Censorship gone mad!