HULU (Legal Streaming)

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Type of Media: Streaming Legal TV/Movies
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Free Service: 30 days free! / Paid Legal Streaming Service only Available in the USA!

Granted Hulu is only available in the USA for USA only subscribers. And yes this is indeed censorship and digital borders gone mad but with a little help from 3rd party companies that offer VPN/Smart DNS services… you could be watching an amazing amount of TV Shows and Movies within the next 30 mins… Bundled with the 30 days free trial… well you cannot go wrong with hulu.

We actually have this ourselves and my family is based within the UK. We watch this service through a smart dns service.
Which works on almost all Smart TV/Blu-Ray players (As long as you use the >>*249# trick to turn your player into a multi region one.) We really are upset censorship wise that it’s been almost 7 years now and they’ve still not made this service available to paying customers in other countries… Yes that’s right they try to block paying subscribers from accessing their services with VPN/Smart DNS systems. I’ve never seen such A self destructing industry as the MPAA and MPA.