Netflix (Legal Streaming)

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Type of Media: Streaming Legal TV/Movies
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Free Service: 30 days free! / Paid Legal Streaming Service Available Wordwide!

Netflix is 100% better than Hulu, or other legal streaming services as they actually offer their service worldwide.
Granted some countries still cannot access this service without using Smart DNS/VPN services. But it’s getting there.

The best thing about netflix is connecting under a different countries IP Address, OR DNS gives you more access
to all kinds of media. For example… Connect to NetFlix USA vs UK gives you 118,584 more titles to choose from!
Yes connecting to the EXACT same service for the EXACT same money under a different IP opens more content!

We actually have this ourselves and my family is based within the UK. We watch this service through a smart dns service.
Which works on almost all Smart TV/Blu-Ray players (As long as you use the >>*249# trick to turn your player into a multi region one.) We really are upset that you need to use VPN’s and Smart DNS Systems to get access to more content. From the service that you are already paying money for. (Digital borders and restrictions have no place in the 21st Century.)

Don’t let this service fool you, they are now blocking VPN/DNS Services from accessing their networks! Yes that’s right they try to block paying subscribers from accessing their services with VPN/Smart DNS systems. I’ve never seen such A self destructing industry as the MPAA and MPA.