Bypass Web Proxy

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License: Free to use Web Proxy Service

Bypass network blocks,
defeat internet censorship.

Bypass is a revolutionary, multi region, free, web proxy service,
designed to remove internet restrictions.


Our multi region system is designed to minimalize network lag, and make your browsing experience as seemless as possible. We’re always working to improve our network.


Bypass is undergoing plans to expand into other regions of the world. This will allow for faster connections from people further away from the American continent. Money raised via ad revenue will fund our expansion into other parts of the word.

Cloud hosted

No messing around with ports and network addresses, all the hard work has been done for you. Our web hosted system is designed to be the most versatile, as many networks block normal proxies.


Our network was built from the ground up with security in mind. Secure servers have their data sent across a SSL (HTTPS) connection. Unencrypted servers are used for mass deployment of our network, to ensure that our network has the largest area possible. Regardless, we do not log activity on our web proxy servers. It is impossible for us to monitor the data you see.

Free now, free always

We don’t charge for access to our web proxy, and we never will. That’s what sets us apart from other proxy services, if our users help us, we’ll help them. When people allow us to display ads, they’re giving us the ability to continue to provide the greatest web proxy service on the internet!

Server Expansions

Plans are currently inplace to expand our servers into Europe and Asia. This will increase the speed of people connecting to Bypass from areas close the these locations. This expansion will also give users the ability to browse the internet from other parts of the world, for example viewing content restricted to a particular nationality.