Free Open Proxy

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Free Open Proxy

Free Open Proxy is committed to providing the end-user with bullet-speed proxy service, while at the same time allowing anonymous secure browsing to conceal your IP address from any malicious attacks.

Why Use a Proxy?

A proxy can keep the internal network structure of a company secret by using network address translation, which can help the security of the internal network.[10] This makes requests from machines and users on the local network anonymous. Proxies can also be combined with firewalls.

How Proxy Servers Work

in computer networks, a proxy server is a server that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers. A client connects to the proxy server, requesting some service, such as a file, connection, web page, or other resource available from a different server and the proxy server evaluates the request as a way to simplify and control its complexity. Proxies were invented to add structure and encapsulation to distributed systems. Today, most proxies are web proxies, facilitating access to content on the World Wide Web and providing anonymity.

Hide Your IP Address

Connecting to the Internet, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) assigns you an IP address. While you surf the web, view emails or download a movie from the Internet, your activity can be tracked with your IP address. An IP address can be used to locate a person (although not precisely without a warrant), and trace the Internet activity. To surf anonymously and protect your privacy, you’ll need to hide your real IP address. Here is where FreeOpenProxy.Com will provide you with the best anonymous web surfing you can find.