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ISP Revolution Project

Remember when an ISP used to stand for “Internet Service Provider?”

The Internet has now turned into a policing service. Where you still pay about 60 quid a month, for a 120 mbit broadband connection. Just to be censored at every turn you make. The word ISP for me now means Internet Service Preventer.

They are sure not a provider any more, If anything the “P” now stands for preventer and less about being an actual internet provider. Their new business model seems to be setup to take your money every month. In return, block all their subscribers from viewing websites they want to interact with. Every day new web sites are blocked, up-to now the industry is trying to get the service providers all over the world to block 260 + websites they don’t like users viewing. (Only in the UK not USA!)

Instead of service providers, turning around and telling the Media Industry to take a leap of a tall building! Their turning their backs on paying customers. Soon all it will take is a simple phone call to get a website blocked!

It’s the year 2013. Right now as your reading this the big media company’s (RIAA/MPAA/BPI) And Hollywood are now completely taking over the Internet as we know it. Before this cartel started bribing the governments, judges and courts, the Internet used to be a completely free service to surf any website, any forum, or blog you desired. Remember them days guys?

Well them days are now gone! Freedoms we once had to browse the Internet without worrying about whose watching us.
Every country in the world is now being watched, monitored and in most cases being censored! From viewing, or interacting with anything that these idiots don’t want you to.

Internet Censorship is completely wrong!

Our little project that we’ve got going here will help everyone who’s suffering under the current censorship of their ISPs.

Our project is designed to take back your network privacy & security while still allowing you to continue to surf the Internet just as if you’d jumped into a time machine, and traveled back into the 1990’s. The good ole days, where police officers wasn’t actually breaking down your doors with search warrants for sharing a file with your friends.

Where a jail sentence wasn’t longer than that of one for assault, rape, or murdering someone in cold blood!.

The ISP Revolution Begins now!

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In the future you won’t be-able to browse 90% of the web sites you can today without some form of secure VPN or Proxy Software. This website might be the golden ticket to once again regaining your freedoms while connected via your Internet Service Preventers. We hope you enjoy using our website to help bypass your isp’s network restrictions. /The GrXTeam.