PPTP/L2TP VPN Connection Refused?

When testing the free VPN PPTP/L2TP IPSec Connections everyone of them was refused or just would not make a connection. At first i thought the VPN services was just flooded with 100’s of users.. So i tried again much later in the night.. Funny enough same issue but yet the wife’s iPad connected just fine what was wrong?

The Problem is your Virgin/BT or Wireless Router/Network Hub!


In your hub settings/router/network (Different routers vary in where these settings are)
But if you browse around the config pages you will see the following settings which need to be ticked.

  • IPSec Pass-Through
  • PPTP Pass-Through
  • Multicast Pass-Through

Once you have ticked these 3 important settings in your networks router/superhub click OK/ACCEPT new changes.
Now when you attempt to connect to these free VPN’s or paid VPN’s you won’t have any connection issues or problems.

You should just instantly connect and be browsing via their connection and not your own ISP’s
IF your still having problems, Reset your modem/router back to factory default and follow the steps above again.