CactusVPN & UnoTelly! (The very best VPN / Smart DNS services available!)

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Authors Comments:

People have been asking us? If we actually use VPN, Smart DNS Services since we feature so many here.

Well who better to ask for advice than the actual people, who’s dedicated to featuring/reviewing all these services?
So lets quickly get into this! We use CactusVPN and UnoTelly. There’s no other service out there that we would actually use.

We use CactusVPN solely for bypassing website censorship issues. And UnoTelly to watch our Hulu Plus/Netflix PAID subscriptions.
Both their prices are completely reasonable! Their services/support, is top of it’s class. And Their packages are AIO services.

(Finally! No more paying for a VPN service. Then having to pay out yet again, for a Smart DNS service too!)
They both have their own Windows Applications/CPanels, which will help to get you started. I cannot find a fault with either of these.

To see our full in-depth review of these services, and why we recommend them to you. Click here [Cactus] OR [UnoTelly]
We’ve already featured these 2 services. Please visit [CactusVPN] OR [UnoTelly] OR [UnoTelly Smart DNS] to learn more.

My IP Hide (Our best Windows Proxy Tool)

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License: 3 Days Free Trial / Paid Accounts @ $8.52 a month!

Authors Comments:

We have decided to add My IP Hide into this special category. Simply because it does 2 things. First it allows you to instantly bypass waiting restrictions at the major cyber lockers like And second, within a quick click of a button you can bypass all ISP blocked/censored websites with ease.

You may wonder why on earth you would pay nearly 9 dollars a month for a simple proxy software? Well it’s 9 euro’s a month for a subscription to, another 8-9 dollars for hulu plus, and so forth. Didsoft’s services might well be the most expensive proxy software on the market today. But what’s 9 bucks? For complete freedom!

So why pick these over any of the VPN services listed? Well simple, they have their own 1 click / change GUI. That allows you within a simple click to choose which country to appear to be from. So if your looking for something simple to use, then this tool is for you.

You can see our full in-depth review we did of this product. By clicking this link [here]