New Fresh Round up!

newupdateThe last few days, you will notice there’s not many new updates.
But don’t worry we have changed some things around on the site.

We now have so many VPN providers on board until the end of 2015!
So there’s a new discount/promotion per month (Keep an eye out)

We have just obtained a new fresh list of 143 services we somehow missed
So about 2-4 a day new posts will be added featuring these missing services.

Fuck it today i moved to a VPN 24/7


Well I’ve had enough of my Virgin Connection and being blocked from using the internet
so I’ve decided from this day forward fuck virgin I’ve moved to the lowest tier internet so
now they’ve lost 27 quid a month the money i saved i now use on a VPN service from the USA
IF everyone moved to the lowest tier package.. they’d soon reverse this censorship as their losing money.

Screw UK Censorship! it’s just completely gotten out of control now!
Now i will visit what ever sites i like so SCREW you virgin! your dead to me now. Blocked


The UK ISP’s have now just blocked EZTV this is another website in the UK we can no longer access.
This is getting stupid now and it’s time for the people who’s paying the ISP’s to fight back with their wallets.

CALL your ISP Complain and get £8.00 of your monthly bill!

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Message about ISP Unlocker Status Website.

Hello people 🙂

As you might know we have 2 mirror websites setup for each domain/project we have going. This helps also with “Searches on Google” because for some reason Google lists WordPress Sites first. We take advantage of this so we create separate 2 mirror sites per domain/projects to help you find us.

So what’s gone wrong now? now somehow got linked to now somehow got linked to now somehow got linked to

And so on and on…

the self hosted Website Domains is now showing up on the dashboard of my backup mirror websites &

This is now a BIG problem, Since the mirror site doesn’t contain any content only our main site does.
So trying to edit the main websites somehow is editing our backup websites instead.

Thus completely ignoring our own domain hosting site and reverting to the code at
So until the fine admins over at un-links our websites from their dashboard

i cannot make any changes to ispunlocker on this domain name or on this hosting.
Hopefully this bizzare problem will be fixed asap but until then no more posts.