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FAIR USE Rules and Laws of the United States Of America

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This website is exempt from Copyrights as it falls under the United States fair use laws.
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So by us using your company icon, images, logos or page scrapes in our reports or reviews. This falls clearly under fair-use laws of the United States. So you might want to think twice before submitting this DMCA Removal Request back to us.

This website is designed to provide information only to our readers. While it might be argued that linking to certain websites/domains that have been blocked in the UK/Europe is against the law. This however, is not the case in the USA.

Did you know that Not A single Internet Service Provider in the USA blocks websites, or censors their own customers?
But across the pond over in the UK and all over Europe Internet Service Providers are forced to block all their customers…

Here’s the best bit! It’s actually the Media Industry in the USA who’s actually forcing our ISP’s to block us. But yet they don’t enforce this same rule on their own people! Think about that for a second… Someone in another country at the other side of the world is telling us what we can and cannot do. But this same rule doesn’t apply at all for their own people!

Our ISP/Hosting providers servers are based within the USA. So no censorship laws are currently being broken by us.

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